Need “Smart House” advice
Ok I’m the first to admit that as far as computers and tech stuff I am a complete person.
So here’s what I have and what I would like.
I have a Ring security system I just installed myself. The outdoor parts have worked flawlessly for years. Just added the indoor system (doors, windows, and motion detectors) and it seems to be working great. I was planning to use Alexa to run it but the reviews on that are less than stellar so I am going to just run it from phones and keypads for now.
So what I would like to do is add several light groups that I can run from any of the Alexa devices for 2 main purposes.
Off and on cycles when we are traveling 
Lighting up the rest of the house in case of a intruder so I don’t have to worry about using a flashlight to deal with bad guy
When I look at these things I realize I don’t have a clue what I need.
They have smart plugs for $25 each or 4 for $29
Both seem to get mixed reviews 
Or is it better to get Smart switches and use the normal lights
I am confused by this crap
Just want something that will work
So can anyone recommend a good place or brand to get that will work with Alexa without being a computer geek
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I got these Amazon Link, 4 plugs for $30. Less expensive than smart switches. Pretty simple to install...first install them through the SmartLife app to connect them to your WiFi. Alexa finds the new devices through the SmartLife device option, IIRC. You can tell Alexa turn on/off individual plugs or by 'groups'. For example I have three lights grouped where we watch TV and turn all off/on at once. We have another plug on a lamp at the front of the house that times on/off with sunset/sunrise.

No issues in 2 years as long as your WIFI works consistently.
  Re: Need “Smart House” advice by Trusty Rusty (Ok I’m the first to ...)
Trusty Rusty, I'm in awe of your technical prowess if it helps. My wife yells at the TV remote. It responds much faster and more calmly than I do.
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  Re: Need “Smart House” advice by Trusty Rusty (Ok I’m the first to ...)
I installed smart switches and smart plugs rather than lights. The Kasa brand works well with Alexa. actually, I installed smart switches in the wall and smart plugs that plug into the wall outlets. I also have a different brand that controls a light/ceiling fan combo. It goes in the box above the fan. The smart switches are easier to install but this particular light/fan has both on the same switch so that wasn't really an option.

I have several routines set up that control various combinations of the devices.
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  Re: Need “Smart House” advice by Trusty Rusty (Ok I’m the first to ...)
Ended up going with the smart plugs to get started.
Was really pretty easy to get it all connected 
Figuring out the routines deal now.
If this all works out I will probably add some of the switches 
Thanks for the information 
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