Shellac question
  Re: Shellac question by ®smpr_fi_mac® (I love shellac. It'...)
(04-09-2020, 10:34 PM)®smpr_fi_mac® Wrote: I love shellac.  It's easy to apply and looks and feels great.

But I have build up like this when applying to adjacent faces.  I'm using a chip brush to apply.  This is my first coat, so it'll be knocked back, of course, but how do I best deal with the excess that does this?

As someone else mentioned try a taklon (golden taklon) brush.  I have two that I picked up in an art supply store (or maybe online, cannot quite remember).  They have baby fine bristles and work well.  One of my brushes is thicker (not wider) with more bristles - I prefer it as it "loads up" and holds more shellac when brushing.

Also, ammonia and water will clean the shellac out of brushes nicely.
  Re: Shellac question by ®smpr_fi_mac® (I love shellac. It'...)
Here is a video that was very instrumental to helping me use shellac. This guy used to post on Woodnet years ago. What you are seeing there is what he calls fat edge.

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