Your Biggest Tool Purchase Mistakes?
  Re: Your Biggest Tool Purchase Mistakes? by Murray M (My list: 1) buying ...)
I've had some used tool purchases work out well, but I had plenty go bad too.

Lesson 1: Don't buy something expensive from a forum member sight unseen and have them ship it to you if it is somewhat complex. I got burned buying a power feeder that way. It arrived, leaked oil which pretty much made it useless. I did take it apart, was not fixable. II think that was $500-700 with shipping, I Don't remember the exact price.  Petty dumb because a new one was not that much more money.

Lesson 2: Don't buy machinery from a machinery auction site unless you can make it to inspection.  I bought a vacuum pump system, listed as working, did not work at all.  Tank had water in it, would not start up..  Thankfully I was out "only" $200, but that taught me that these dealers are seedy, and when they say it powered on, that is not necessarily the truth. YEs, I know others will have tons of stories about things that worked out well, but that soured me on it.

Lesson 3: Craigslist, don't buy from there unless you can see it demoed and see that it at least powers on, spins or whatever. If the seller uses the excuse that he doesn't want strangers coming to his house for safety reasons, that's a red flag, move on.. Only lost $100 on that one, but still annoying.

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