Orange Agate Box
  Re: Orange Agate Box by JohnnyEgo (I am not normally a ...)
(05-21-2020, 09:41 PM)JohnnyEgo Wrote: I hate shellac.  I used it here because it dries fast and doesn't stink, but there is an art to applying it, and I have not acquired that art yet.  I did better this time, though.  Thinned it out of the can by about 50%, then used a rag instead of a brush.  Far fewer streaks than I had on last year's box, though I still ended up with some build-up and runs at the board ends.  Not as bad as previous efforts, but it reminded me of why shellac always frustrates me.

Try buying some flakes and mixing your own.  You have a choice of color, e.g., amber, button, blonde, super blonde, etc.  It's always fresh. You can choose your cut and thin to your taste and means of application. Make your own sanding sealer spit coat.  Mix only what you need and keep the flakes in a refrigerator and they will last for decades, some of my flakes are 20 years old and still are fine.  I use mason jars for mixing and storage (2 month shelf life is my rule), has oz. marks on the side for measuring the DNA, and a cheap electronic scale from walmart/amazon adds precision.  I use shellac for so many finishes, and you can re-coat with virtually anything.  Highly recommended.
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  Re: Orange Agate Box by JohnnyEgo (I am not normally a ...)
Very nice result on the box.  I've always liked spaulted woods, something to surprise you with each pass thru the planer.  We are sitting in an RV in southern OK waiting to close on the new farm, all our household goods still in the two trucks.  I miss my shop, but... It wont be long.
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