Help with Delta TS
I'm having trouble with the riving knife inserting into the clamp plate & removing it. So much so that I broke off a tip on the RK trying to get it out.

I called a local repair shop and the guy didn't know what a riving knife is, so that discussion ended soon after he said that.

I called Delta and the tech gave me some help but I still need to fine tune the clamp plate. The main problem with that discussion is that it was hard to understand w/o pictures. I would be willing to get a new clamp plate & locator if needed but I'm not certain that would resolve the issue. I made some adjustments on the 2 screws on top of the locator block but I'm still leery about inserting the RK worried about getting stuck again.

TS model # 36-L336

Has anyone had similar problems and what did you do to resolve it?


  Re: Help with Delta TS by Halfathumb (I'm having trouble w...)
The riving knife ease of adjustment and changing was one of the big brags on this saw. They make it look so easy in the videos. The manual seems pretty thorough starting on page 15. The one thing that stand out is that there are two ways to release the knife. Are you using the front control? The other thing is that you apparently have to rotate the knife between the two positions and to remove it. Sort of following the arc of the blade. Aligning the knife is covered, with diagrams on page 17.
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