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I read the first 30 pages or so, and I'm still in the process of reading it. It's an interesting book. It's semi-autobiographical, in that it explains his journey to publishing, and his rationale for his choice of SYP as the wood of preference in a workbench. He's also somewhat opinionated about his choices, which is fine - as long as the reader understands that there really is no one-size-fits-all for a workbench. Workbenches, like many other tools, work more optimally when they are designed for the intended work being performed using the bench, as well as the individual's personal preferences on workholding, ergonomics, etc. Schwarz is still relatively young, and I think his woodworking knowledge continues to evolve, as have his publications. I don't believe for a minute that this will be the last book we see on workbenches. He'll have some epiphany 5 years from now as a result of research or experience, and then his perspective will change - which we can all read in his next book.
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I'm not downloading this freebie because I'm totally not interested in reading any workbench books. Not Chris's fault and I'm sure many will enjoy it free or the hardcover.

For me, my workbench works well, and I have no reason to spend (waste actually) time building another one. Sellers released a series of videos on a plywood workbench, and I skipped it too. Reading or watching those would take away my time.

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Are all their books black and white? I've been tempted by their offerings in the past but never bit. Modern black and white photos have to be really effing amazing to not be annoying. In all my messings with photography I never figured out how to do it.
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Well, I finished the book yesterday (rather than work in 105° heat.) He winds up with an explanation of why he gave the book away. Good Book!

Overall. I like his approach to a sturdy and functional bench. Of course, this simplified version came a little too late for my own build and totally aside from my need to do a split top. A 4 x 12 x 84 piece of lumber is at the outer limits of what I can handle by myself (and probably beyond.) Being free, the book is absolutely worth the read in spite of the SYP love affair. Substitute Doug Fir (for the West Coast readers) and you get the point.
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