Lee Valley "Seconds" Sale October 28
  Re: RE: Lee Valley "Seconds" Sale October 28 by AHill (The deals on the sho...)
(10-29-2020, 07:04 AM)AHill Wrote: The deals on the shooting planes were pretty sweet, but I could never get past the shipping thing, so a big no-go for me.

I too had my eye on the Right -Hand Shooting plane ... but I wasn't quick enough!  Maybe Cyber Monday will treat me better!
  Re: Lee Valley "Seconds" Sale October 28 by Admiral (https://www.instagra...)
I see the Christmas catalog came out today. It has this year's miniature tool, and that is a bench vice. It wasn't there yesterday, so I guess I need to make another order.
  Re: Lee Valley "Seconds" Sale October 28 by Admiral (https://www.instagra...)
Scored a RH shooting plane, which arrived yesterday, and is probably a shipping speed record for me and LV. I managed to get on the site right when the sale started and got the thing in my shopping cart fast. Spent about 30 minutes hitting “Complete Purchase” every five minutes or so until it finally went through. Not a big deal since I could work while I waited, but I have the luxury (curse?) of a desk job in front of a screen all day.

Anyway- I mostly thought I’d post about the quality of the “second”. I looked and looked and can’t really find any blemishes or issues with the plane. Maybe this small wrinkle in the finish towards the nose?

In any case, definitely worth the hassle to get such a great deal on such a great tool!

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  Re: Lee Valley "Seconds" Sale October 28 by Admiral (https://www.instagra...)
You will love that guy. I use mine constantly.

Math is tough. Let's go shopping!
  Re: RE: Lee Valley "Seconds" Sale October 28 by JohnnyEgo (You will love that g...)
As seen in Johnny's image, get the track too, if you haven't done so. If LV makes a donkey's ear, I'll buy it for box making.


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