Needing a plunge router
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Another vote for the DW 621. I had mine rebuilt after it wore out, and it's been going strong ever since. The only not perfect thing is dust collection - especially under a template bushing, but I don't see a way to get a vacuum in there anyway.
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(11-21-2020, 08:46 AM)WxMan Wrote: I have the PC690 with the associated D-handle and a plunge base.  I bought it all in a kit with a bench-top router table over 20 years ago when I first decided to get into woodworking.  I decided on the 690 because it seemed like the standard-bearer router for home shops at the time and I saw Norm Abrams use that model all the time on New Yankee Workshop.

I hate the plunge base.  

  - The plunge base has never been smooth to push down and the spring has a great deal of force, making for difficult minor adjustments.

  - It's very easy for the barrel of the motor to get wedged into the base, making it extremely difficult to remove.  At first, I thought there might be a small burr on the motor, or inside the base, but no matter how many times I've tried to clean the mating surfaces with steel wool or even very fine emery cloth, the problem remains.

  - The locking nut that secures the motor into the base can be dang-near impossible to remove at times.

My issues with the plunge base caused me to find other ways to do things, so I guess that was a "blessing in disguise."  I've never upgraded to a better plunge router; early-on I didn't really have the funds to do so, and I've become accustomed to not having an effective plunge router, so I use other means to do things.  Occasionally, I get a hankering to look at adding a Dewalt unit, or perhaps just picking up a plunge base for my Bosch 1617.
I had a PC 690 and agree, the plunge base is poor. I sold it and got an 89X fixed and plunge base. The only thing I don't care for about the 890 is it's kind of tall so seems a little tippy on narrow surfaces like dovetail jigs. The plunge base is very good, it seems like the same as the DeWalt 618 plunge base but machined for a P-C motor. I'm not too concerned about P-C routers being discontinued, the only part that seems difficult to find in the future would be the switch. The variable speed has been an issue with P-C routers in the past but it's easy enough to wire around the variable speed and use an external speed control if required. Having said all this, I wouldn't buy a new P-C router even if I could find one. There are too many other good choices. One that doesn't get talked about too much is the Hitachi combo. Lowes sells them and I've played with them a little in the store, they don't seem too bad. Big Sky Tool often has refurbished Hitachi stuff for nice prices, I've bought a couple things from them. They have other refurbished brands as well but predominantly Hitachi it seems.

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