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  How I sharpen.
Posted by: tablesawtom - 23 minutes ago - Forum: Woodworking Hand Tools - Replies (1)

Trapper  said he was considering the Veritas MK11 system. He also stated he hadn't warmed up to water stones inquired about. I said I use the Veritas system and  would take some pictures. Here is my reply with pictures

I first learned about a Tormek machine at Holtsfest in little Amana back in the summer 1988. It was a craft fair in a field and there were some tool suppliers there. There was a guy that traveled the show circuit selling them. I played with it but i wasn't ready for the $325 and so I bought one the next year.. The machine didn't have a place for a horizontal bar and so on. Anyway it is a great machine at the time but slow. Today I use it mostly for sharpening knives. I use the leather strap for everything. The stone diameter is 7 7/8ths today not 10 inch's anymore


Here is my set up today I am not sure about the CBN wheels  I think one is an 80 and the other one is a 360. The 80 is quite course and removes material very quickly. For example if you get a plane at a flea marked the blade usually needs a lot of reshaping. I grind the first or primary bevel angle at 22 1/2 degrees.  I have my bars set so I just switch bars on the finer wheel.


As you can see from just the chisels on the wall one can spend a lot of time sharpening. I also have a collection of Keen Kutter K series planes both flat bottom and corrugated , not there yet but it will be 14 plane irons the take care of plus I also have several other planes so I can't spent all day re-sharpening. Anyway the two open drawers are where all the jigs fixtures honing paste. diamond plate and water stones are kept and what ever is kept



I do not want to get into a discussion of what I am doing wrong but I sharpen every thing at 25 degrees. I like 25  Degrees.  22 1/2  degrees included angle is the prefect cutting angle and 25 degrees is closer to prefect than 30. The pattern shop I worked in had their rest set at 27 1/2 because they worked in both soft and hard woods. I like 25 degrees and if you think differently then discuss it in your own post, not mine. 


Below are some pictures of setting the rest bar for lathe gouges and the likes.  I know that if I use the a hole to set my bar for chisels and plane iron and a distance of 1 7/8ths from the holding fixture base I will get a 22 1/2 degree grind on every thing. Even if the bar is moved set the bar to the A hole and set the blade off from my other gauge and grind. CBN on a slow speed grinder grinds cool enough so one doesn't need to worry and when the sparks come over the top of the tool it is done




I like the start honing with a 1000 diamond stone. I can push and pull  the blade on at this stage. I use water out of my dehumidifier because there is no nothing in the water, no lime build up. I do not use a rust inhibitor. When Water evaporates it leaves a residue and eventual it will clog a diamond stone.. The coolant is checked on our grinders daily for the right amount of coolant. Part of the ISO for aerospace parts which is worse than just ISO certification. If coolant drips on the magnetic chuck it is miserable to get it off the next day after it is dried. I use a heat gun to dry the diamond. NO anything build up on the stone. I heat gun also works great for removing pressure sensitive sanding discs 


I use the Veritas roller system on the diamond stone and the 4000- 8000 grit Waterstone   I really like this system fast reliable and easy to use. I like the crowned roller for doing smoother blades . It crowns the blade and is all but fool proof at controlling the end results on the blade. You can take it out use it but it back in the holder and do a quick hone and go back to work.

I only pull when on the Waterstone. I do not want my edge digging in on a push cut. Once I stone the back of the iron with the finish stone I never touch that surface to a courser grit. A micro bevel is put on with the 1000, so only about 10 pull strokes on the two remaining stones and I am done, except for the leather wheel. the leather takes the edge to a whole different world in about 30 seconds


I like the Veritas system it is easy reliable and fool proof, although pricy. I have some filister planes that the angle of the blades are around 25 degrees off from square and I am considering getting their angle finer to help with that. When you cut a rabbit you want a flat bottom.

 Anyway I am never more than 3 steps from start to finish when sharpening and  even if I have a lot of reshaping to do it hardly ever take more than 5 minutes and usually it takes more time to get the stuff out than to touch up an edge.

I hope this helps.


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  Anti-Vibration Gloves
Posted by: Lee Ohmart - 1 hour ago - Forum: Woodworking Power Tools - No Replies

At a recent meeting of out woodworker's club, we discussed shop safety, and the topic of vibration came up.  Several members suggested ant-vibration gloves.  In searching the internet, I find few reliable reviews.  The search also uncovered a separate issue of going with full fingered or fingerless.  One forum just devolved into a discussion of tools with lower vibration.  I can't afford to buy all new sanders, etc. so I focused on the gloves which seem much more affordable.  I was wondering what those of you who wear gloves had experienced.

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  Min Max S45 for sale
Posted by: tablesawtom - Yesterday, 07:29 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - No Replies

I have a Min Max S45 for sale. I am located in north central Iowa. Nashua to be exact. The machine has Carter ball bearing guides so the specks may be a little different from original. Resaw is 9 5/8ths maybe can squeeze       9 3/4. 17 1/4 cut off from blade to frame, and the table top is 36 inches off the floor. It is 220 volts. Has cast iron wheels. Pick up only. Asking $875.

Pictures say it all.










Thanks for looking


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  Install fan on gfci?
Posted by: EightFingers - Yesterday, 01:06 PM - Forum: Home Improvement - No Replies

This is going in the kitchen. Before anyone says it’s a bad idea because of grease, etc., I should let you know the kitchen is huge, about 600 sqft so the fan will be far from the stove. 
Anyway I thought I’d use the 20 amp circuit that feeds two outlets on one of the countertops. These are fed by a gfci. There are a lot of wires in the box that houses the gfci, so I thought I’d put one of the outlets and the fan switch in a new two gang box and go from there. Wiring would be much simpler that way. 
Is this doable?

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  Inca 342 186 10" bandsaw for sale
Posted by: ed kerns - 05-20-2024, 08:47 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - Replies (6)

Hey everyone, in an all too familiar story, a woodworker friend of mine passed away recently and his wife is left to dispose of his tools. There is a lot of pretty common stuff, but I think this saw is somewhat special so I thought I would share it with you all. I don't know a lot about it, but I have owned a couple of Inca tools and can attest to the quality. I'm in MidMichigan so of course shipping could be an issue. I just finished listing it and some other tools on Market Place if anyone is local to the Saginaw, Bay City, Midland area and is in the market. The asking price for the saw is $300. Trying to include a pic if I can figure it out.   Thanks.      

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  Subpanel/electrical costs?
Posted by: OneStaple - 05-19-2024, 10:47 PM - Forum: Home Improvement - Replies (5)

Hey all,

I just want to get a sanity check on a quote I got for some electrical work. We're moving to a new house, and I'm trying to have some renovations done before we actually move in. I want contractors to be able to hit the ground running as soon as we take possession. The sellers are currently renting back, which means I don't currently have unlimited access to the house.

I had a recommended and well rated electrician give a quote for some work today (described below). I don't have reason to believe they're way out of line, but also haven't priced out this kind of work previously and just want to make sure it seems to be in the right ballpark. Normally, I'd get three quotes, etc., but having limited access to the house currently makes that difficult unless this is way out of line.

Requested work:

  • Put 100A subpanel in garage. Need to run line through about 50' of unfinished basement to get below corner of garage where it will be mounted. There are open slots in the main panel. No circuits in subpanel except the one described below (I'll do them myself later).
  • Run one circuit to bathroom above garage from subpanel.
  • Run three circuits from main panel in basement to other full bathroom on 2nd floor. Need to go from basement up two levels.

Estimate was $3750. I know, you can't see the house, the walls, how complicated the runs would be, etc. I'm just look for a ballpark "is this reasonable?". Keep in mind, I live in the DC suburbs, so costs for everything are higher.

Also, the electrician said you can't go above 100A for the sub when the main is 200A. I would rather a 125A panel. I haven't read all the local codes, but am not aware of a limitation like this. Does anyone know if there's anything in the NEC stating such a limitation? And yes, I plan to research this more myself.


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  Old Atkins Saw in action
Posted by: Bencuri - 05-19-2024, 06:35 PM - Forum: Woodworking Hand Tools - Replies (3)

Say hi to this old beauty at the other end of the world (Hungary). Atkins Silver Steel Rex saw. 

I have some logs that are too small for the sawmill nearby, so I need to cut them manually. Perfectly straight cuts, reasonable sawing time:



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  Assorted pen blanks
Posted by: OneStaple - 05-19-2024, 03:25 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - Replies (1)

Pen blanks for sale. I'd rather sell these as one big batch. 64 total. Photos in second post

Walnut: 24 total, about half with some figure (mostly crotch wood pieces). Shortest is 4.25", longest is 8". Smallest cross section is about 3/4" square.

Spalted maple: 9 bigger ones with heavy spalting (all 5"+ and slightly more than 7/8" square). Two have a knot on one end that shortens the useable length to 3.5"-4", although you might be able to work around it. 3 smaller ones with light spalting (3-7/8" x 7/8"). None are soft/punky

Birdseye maple: 6 pieces. All 4.5"+ and 3/4"+. Three have knots (shown in pictures) that might turn out but would reduce lengths to 3.5" on two of them and 2.5" on the third if they can't.

Curly/figured maple: 8 pieces. 3-7/8"+ x 3/4"+. Many 7/8"+.

Ash(?): 6 pieces. 4-3/16" x 3/4"

Straight maple: 4 pieces, two with light figure. 4 to 8.5" long. 3/4"+ square

Misc: one each of figured cherry, holly, bloodwood, and some sort of rosewood

Asking $64 plus shipping. These should fit in a medium flat rate box, maybe with some other random pieces if they fit.


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  FS - lumber bargain prices - Indiana SOLD
Posted by: rayknight - 05-19-2024, 03:21 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - Replies (1)

nearing end of shop liquidation for health reasons.  Lumber to be sold for local pickup in Jeffersonville, Indiana (across the river from Louisville, Ky.  Prefer single purchaser and priced with that in mind. it would push limit to fit in single pickup bed, but might make in it 8 ft bed, trailer might work better. 
      Cherry - 1" & 2" thick, widths 6-14", lengths mostly 8-10 ft, some 3-4 ft shorts, all kiln dryed, about 221 board ft, all came from local mills. sell the package of cherry for $440

      Walnut - leg stock 3x3x32, 3x3x28, 3x3x20,(4 of each size) plus few 1x6x10'  boards. I believe this is air-dryed. about 276 board feet, sell the package for $450 this is exquiste straight grained walnut - 

      Tiger Maple - mostly 1x10 and 1x12 in 8 ft lengths -about 180 board feet, sell this package for $400.  

      Mahoghany - 28 board feet of odd sizes, came from stock in a pattern maker shop being shut down -sell this group for $60.

      American beech slabs - airdryed slabs - 2"  and 3" thick. 5" & 7" wide, 8 ft long. I was hoping to use this for some handplanes, but didn't get to it.  sell the group  for $100.

Buy it all (and would another 50-100 board feet of mixed lumber) $1200 remember this is a liquidation sale.  
available most afternoons and evenings)

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  Software program for designing furniture etc
Posted by: Johnny Currado - 05-19-2024, 08:16 AM - Forum: Woodworking - Replies (5)

I am working on building a nice table for my wife in our living room and I have other projects on the horizon - dresser, night stands, etc.  What is everyone using on their computer to draw up these kinds of projects that also gives you a cut list or at least shows you the measurements and how it will look and what each piece of wood dimension would be?

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