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Smile My long shopless nightmare is nearly over...
Posted by: teetomterrific - 8 hours ago - Forum: Woodworking Power Tools - Replies (2)

4 years ago I had an opportunity with the company I work for to move back down south to a warmer climate after living almost 13 years in the Twin Cities MN suburbs, (brrrrrr). The only catch was my new home did not have a suitable space for a shop and I was forced to make some hard decisions about what to do with my stationary tools. There was not enough garage space to store them. Putting them in a storage building just didn't make sense to me because of the $$$, and the amount of time before I could build a shop was very uncertain. So, I decided the best course of action was to sell them and re-buy what I wanted when I could make having a new shop a reality. I figured I could continue to save some money for tool upgrades since I wouldn't be buying wood, and I have kept my hands from being idol by doing a lot of LOML approved home improvements. First her basement pottery studio, and next a garage kiln room, and then a giant deck expansion... and so on.

Suddenly almost 3 years had slipped away and my lovely bride agreed the time was right to quit dreaming, drawing plans and generally obsessing over not having a shop. Finding a suitable contractor was no easy feat, but after a few months I finally settled on a pretty good one and construction began. Long story short, my new shop is now complete. And just in time to celebrate my 60th birthday this Saturday, I'll be celebrating by putting the finishing touch on by epoxying the floors this weekend, but the best birthday present of all was being able to pull the trigger on a massive new stationary tool purchase last night. I'm thinking the waiting and the planning and saving up is now worth it because the shop building looks awesome and I'm getting bigger better tools than what I had before.

I'm so excited I just had to share! WOO HOO!!!

New Tools PurchasedSold Tools they replaced
Grizzly G1033X 20" 5 HP Spiral    Cutterhead PlanerGrizzly G0454 20" 5 HP Straight Knife Planer
Grizzly G0609X 12" Jointer w/ Spiral    CutterheadGrizzly G0543 8" Jointer with Shelix Upgrade
Grizzly G0514X2B 19" BandsawGrizzly G0513 17" Bandsaw
Grizzly G0719 15" Disc SanderMenards Tool Shop 6"/9" Belt/Disc Sander
Grizzly G1071 Oscillating Spindle SanderRyobi OSS500 Table Top Oscillating Spindle Sander
Tools Kept
Delta X5 3HP LT UniSaw 36-L51 with Biesemeyer Fence
Steel City 55220 Dual Drum Sander
Grizzly G0548 2HP Dust Collector

There a few more tools on my list that I have saved up for like a decent router table to replace my home made one and building a miter saw station and a new workbench but I'll have plenty to keep me busy for a while setting up these machines for a couple of weeks once they arrive... and that can't happen soon enough!

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  FS: Clamps, saw, Drill Doctor
Posted by: SteveF - Yesterday, 07:44 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - Replies (4)

Irwin Quick Grip clamps. I have eight 12" and four 18". All work fine.

$95 plus shipping for the lot.

Disston No.12 26" 8 point crosscut 1896-1917. Quality saw. It's sharp, somebody must have put this away right after a fresh sharpening. It has the Disston etch plus a bonus hardware store etch. It measures 6 3/4" at the heel, so loads of life left. Only two small apologies, a chip out of the top horn and some wrinkling at the top of the toe. There's no evidence of any kinks at the tooth line at all.

$85 plus shipping

Drill Doctor 500. Used, but in excellent condition. It comes with the case, wrench, and paperwork.

$50 plus shipping

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  Handworks 2017 in Iowa
Posted by: mebert - Yesterday, 07:16 PM - Forum: Woodworking Hand Tools - Replies (7)

Anyone attending Handworks 2017 in Amana Iowa next month? Apparently this is the third year for it and although I just heard about this a few months ago, I plan to attend. Traditionally I've been a power tool type of woodworker but I recently bought a few nice block planes and card scrapers and really like the finish I get from these. I'm going to start testing the waters with hand cut dovetails as well, so I'll be in the market for a nice dovetail saw and other misc hand tools while there. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for to start out?

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  Anyone Install the Shark Riving Knife?
Posted by: Israel - Yesterday, 04:50 PM - Forum: Woodworking Power Tools - Replies (3)

I have a 1983 Unisaw which is great, but lacks the safety advantage of an integral riving knife.  The "Shark" company recently introduced a riving knife retrofit for the Unisaw, and I'm wondering if this is an acceptable alternative to purchasing a new saw with an integral riving knife.  As careful as one can be, a riving knife seems like an essential safety item to me...  So, has anyone installed this on their cabinet saw and if so, how similar is it to a built-it riving knife?

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  Jack T12 (1919-1924) -75$
Posted by: DJChurn - Yesterday, 04:24 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - No Replies

Pictures say half the story. Old Jack, first of the high knobs and oversized adjusters. Some issues with tote but assembles tightly and shipped about 98% ready for use, I am a stickler for details. Note problems with tote but comes with LN chip breaker installed and will include original chip breaker. Have some other totes but that will cost you more. Shouldn't your jack be your best plane? This one can be used for many years and return the investment. $75 to PayPal & wait for total for actual shipping. 



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  Stanley #4 vintage plane restored to nice level
Posted by: RodB - Yesterday, 04:02 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - Replies (1)

(8) This is a vintage Stanley Number 4  smoother plane as good as new...with a smooth  bottom.... This plane was completely restored except for the japanning... The price is  $125 plus $13.60 fixed rate priority shipping. 

This #4  bench plane has all working parts and performs perfectly.  This is a very nice specimen of a no 4 with adjustable frog screw.   I have restored this plane [per the Paul Sellers philosophy (  https://youtu.be/RYyV6IUpsYk  )]  with all bearing surfaces lapped, the bottom and sides lapped flat, All sharp corners on the plane body rounded over and sanded smooth for great handling with the plane bottom corner edges and foot and toe relieved and transitioned to the flat section of the body per Paul's great procedures... to insure no sharp corners damage the work piece during use.  I thought I knew about restoring hand planes but Paul's 50 years of experience resulted in a great many suggestions that I was thrilled to learn about. 

This plane has been completely tuned and all bearing surfaces lapped with diamond paste and all screws cleaned and lubricated. Rust was removed where needed even in the screw holes with phosphoric acid  (phosphoric acid only eats away rust but no healthy metal)  which leaves a phosphate salt dark gray finish that will keep rust from forming as it acts like a primer.   Additionally, all components cleaned and polished, with the plane iron (blade) sharpened with the back side lapped. The mouth opening forward top edge has been filed approx 15 degrees more open angling forward to allow for easier movement of wood shavings around the chip breaker as the plane is used

The tote and knob have been stripped to bare wood and refinished with four coats of  tinted shellac then hand rubbed with 0000 steel wool then waxed with Johnsons paste wax. This traditional finish of the wood makes for a much better feel for the user and is easy to redo later on if damaged. The brass slotted end piece for the long screws that fasten the tote and knob are polished to a high gloss for aesthetics.  The entire plane has two coats of paste wax on it for protection. 

This plane is better than when new because of the custom tuning and modifying and will last a user the next 50 years with a good sharpening now and then. It would be difficult to find a better #4 Stanley plane for use than this one especially considering the price. Time involved for this restoration was about 7-8 hours more or less. 

Note rounded corners on bottom and top of wings... all very smooth and functional. The sharp corner edges of the chip breaker and iron are also smoothed and rounded some. 

Handling a plane modified per Paul Sellers suggestions is really sweet and I will always do this work to my planes in the future.  His youtube video is well worth the hour to watch it.

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  misc tools and
Posted by: JGrout - Yesterday, 01:15 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - Replies (2)

bandsaw blades 105 length ( for 14" saws with riser) 
 All new  bought from Woodcraft bands  3/8" and 1/2" wide. 3 are 3TPI one is 1/2 x 6TPI All Bimetal Lennox brand $40 for all or $12.00 each + shipping  SOLD pending payment 

The next tools are from an estate sale I am helping out with Send inquiries to me all are OBO 

2 Makita model 3621 plunge routers. 1/4" shank only both in cases one has wrenches and fence other just router and case. These are very versatile routers, I use one in my shop daily.

$75 for the complete one $45 for the incomplete one  or $100 for both + shipping

Two nearly full boxes of 50 Rynogrip 6" diameter hook and loop sandpaper, no holes 120G and 180G both 15.00 + shipping

Jessum drill driven mortiser  used for a dozen cuts max..... so nearly new. $40.00 + shipping   sold pending payment 

Craftsman quick release WW bench vice with dog excellent condition $85.00 + shipping

This one was in my shop and I sold it to him, when I reconfigured my shop It would be back here if I had a place to hang it alas Sigh  I will remove the wood faces and send them with it if you want they should be replaced but would make good templates 

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  Bullet Tools siding shear?
Posted by: atgcpaul - Yesterday, 12:49 PM - Forum: Home Improvement - Replies (4)

I have about 45 planks of Hardie plank siding I need to install on my house.  I installed some on my garage a few years ago and used a siding blade in my circular saw.  That was a mess.  I saw this Bullet Tools siding shear on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Bullet-Tools-Shar...ding+shear) for nearly $200.

I emailed their CS last night and got a reply this morning that they can get 10-30K cuts in cement siding with one blade--if the user hones the edge over time.  I'm not going to use it nearly that much and intend to resell it on Craigslist, but was kind of surprised I didn't see any listed.

Anyone use one?

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  FWW Table and Johns moctice machine
Posted by: Dara - Yesterday, 12:13 PM - Forum: Woodworking - Replies (1)

I recently built Johns horizontal mortice table
Its a solid piece of equipment.
Being as I work at a welding shop it was easy to get a router plate made up.

I built the rest out of scraps I had around the shop and just bought a few bolts.

The table is from FWW back around issue 232 I think.
The calla lily table.
I did it a few years ago with hand chopped mortices. It worked but was super difficult to fit and get square.

This time I did all the mortices in one 2 hour stint in the shop and the tennons the next night.
A bit of cleaning up with hand tools, just because I really like to do the final fit by hand.
Popped right together.
The inner pieces are doweled but all pieces going to legs were m&t.

Also did this cabinet.
Couldn't get the M&T to come out square...must be losing my touch because I have done lots.

Resorted to the tennoner

Anyway...just had to do a plug for a super usefull tool.
Thanks John

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  what would you do? Saw cleanup, reepaint?
Posted by: jasfrank - Yesterday, 02:24 AM - Forum: Woodworking Hand Tools - Replies (11)

Finally might get some time to work on this one, but as its the only one I've ever had or even seen I sure don't want to make any major mistakes. The saw had been stored in an unheated outbuilding for its whole life, inside the owner fabricated case. They obviously felt the saw and box needed a paint job at the same time they built the case for it. It's amazing everything wasn't total rust, but actually there is none or very little. It doesn't show much use as the saw is fairly sharp and full depth (2") yet.  When I got this from them the case was covered with a good 1/4" of genuine black dirt type of dust, so hadn't been used in ages.  I have sortof cleaned it up with a good washing sofar. And I thought the paint had blistered up like a sandpaper surface on the boards so scraped that off, but afterwards realized that must have been that way from the gitgo. The family had owned it since new, the grandson told me, and he is in his mid 60's now. His grandfather had bought it, passed it to his son, who in turn passed it to his son. The old shed it resided in had to be demoed due to storm damage, so they offered up whatever was wanted beforehand. Lots of things you seldom see were involved, but this was my favorite, and I'm happy to give it a new home. Anyway, would you remove the paint job on the box and saw and refinish them? Polish up the saw plate? Or just put it all back in its case, stash it in a dark corner and leave the next generation to decide? Idea's anyone?


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