Trex decking material
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(05-29-2017, 07:47 AM)Pirate3 Wrote: Has anyone experienced static electricity, with Trex? I know, because of that, they don't install, near a fuel dock.

I cant see the humidity getting low enough at a dock on the water to create any static electricity.
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have you looked into Nylodeck?

it's stronger the all the over competitors and is rated to carry code compliant load at 24" OC joist and can do diagonals at 16" OC. made of recycled nylon carpet and embossed with wood grain and then stained (they give your the stain formula so touch ups are easy). looks alot more like real wood to me then the pvc and capped composite deck boards and doesn't get quite as hot. i know this because i have both types on my deck. all my picture frames and breaker boards are capped composite and get pretty hot to the bare foot and looks a little plastic-y. the nylodeck does not look fake in comparison to the capped composite and i can walk on it bare foot in fun sun. my house faces dead north so my rear deck is in sun from the time it rises until almost the time it sets. don't get me wrong it's warm but it isn't hot enough to burn my skin by any means, but nothing man made will be as cool as your regular old wood decking.

I have no affiliation with the company and got it overstocked at $1/linear foot so it was a great deal for me!

it's also significantly lighter and a lot stiffer then all the other varies out there too.

this is from my experience in installing 650 square feet of the stuff last summer on my own personal deck.

an example of stiffness. if i carried a 20ft composite or pvc deck board it would drag on the ground pretty much in front and behind me so i needed 2 people to carry all those. the nylodeck came in 24' lengths and i could carry them without dragging by myself. plus they way like 30% or more less then their comparisons.

also composite and pvc decking feels bouncy to me especially if you are used to being on decks that are decked with 2x material. the nylodeck, while not quite as stiff as 2x it much stiffer then your typical man made decking.

just food for thought...
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January 25, 2016

Nylboard LLC, the maker of decking, porch, and sheet products manufactured primarily from recycled carpet fibers, announced today it has ceased production of all products.
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Haha never mind then

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