Hollowing tool recommendations
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(09-17-2017, 11:57 AM)iclark Wrote: I have dvd's of raffin. I will have to view them again. However, Brendan Stemp really made some things very very clear, as to what part of the tool is doing the cutting during a particular cut. THAT, is really important, and I don't recall the others clarifying that. Sure, its great to see a pro just go in and knock it out, but the important details of what is doing the cutting EXACTLY what part of the tool, that is. To me, that seems like the critical information that needs to be made clear. Otherwise, a catch is likely to happen ( if you don't know).

Whenver, I get a bad catch... I get rattled. Then I just, shut everything off for a while and think about exactly what I did wrong, so I don't do it again. Bad catches are few now, but it's turned me into a afraidy cat, so my learning curve has sort of slowed down, because of it. (not taking any chances)

I think you are exactly right about the burnishing thing. I have had bad luck with catches whenever I approach that "corner" of the bowl bottom from the center going to it. It seems that swinging the cut from the rim down and through to the center of the bowl, works good for me. Is there a way to safely cut from the bowl bottom center out the side? ETA: I realize, that when doing this cut and the side wall is being contacted, then there is too much cutter on the side wall, and causes a catch. The reason I ask, is that maybe there is something to this, I don't know about.

I do bring the tool reset inside the bowl (as close as possible), while using a sharp scraper. I then approach the cut with the scraper angled down (to start with the slightest scrape) and then gently start scraping. I guess I must be shy of doing it, because I had it grab a couple of times. (sort of like falling off a horse). So, I will just have to jump "back in the saddle" and continue doing it.
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(09-17-2017, 03:56 PM)Herebrooks Wrote: Are you perhaps wanting a coring tool, quite different than a hollowing tool. If so, check out the one made by Oneway.

I'm not sure. I will google/youtube around for coring tools and find out what you are referring to.
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Since I started this thread... I've discovered more video's on-line. Also, there is a woodturner's club about 40 minutes from me and they will have a meeting tomorrow that I plan to attend.

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