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Put away some of the stuff piled on your table saw and use it as your surface. Or a power jointer bed.
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Mike Brady
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A granite sink cutout would probably be cheaper, but they are quite heavy to move around.  A cabinet-top shop would have them.  If you live close to Chicago, I'll give you one. Winkgrin

Yup! That's what I did. I got mine from a machine shop that had a water jet and had a side job for cutting out granite counter tops. He had a TON of the sink cut outs sitting in the back just gathering dust. He was happy as hell that we took a couple off his hands. I bought a bunch of adhesive backed sandpaper and have been using that as a "blade and sole flattening" station for a while
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(10-04-2017, 11:24 AM)Strokes77 Wrote: A sheet of mdf is cheap. Cut a piece for each grit. Glue the stuff down, use it up and ditch it.


For awhile now I've used a piece of MDF as my "lapping station" and put down some sticky back sandpaper and went to work... both to flatten back of irons and smoothing plane bottoms.

I accidentally bought some dang resin glue backed paper... lol that stuff aint comin off...   Don't have any more MDF in the shop, and instead of buying some, I thought I'd do it right and get a piece of float glass.

Local glass shop can cut me a piece of 3/8" glass, 36" long, and 12" wide for around $60.  

Would I be happy with this? Or is there a better alternative? (I am only vaguely worried about the cost... I know I can probably find something for free, but my free time is limited...)

My plan calls for this to be a semi permanent setup on a spare counter top over in the corner of the shop.
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