NAREX Classic vs Premium chisels
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The difference is the side bevel heights (lands).  TMK the premiums have a lower SBH. 

I think the Narex line that LV carries are different than what available elsewhere.  Maybe Narex is making them to their specs.  I see they are calling classic but must actually be premiums if they're advertising low SBH's. 

Mine (premiums) are metric, do not have ferrules and look like the line Highland carries. 

Overall an excellent value, but (IMO) like the Stanley 750's -- be prepared to sharpen frequently.  Edge retention is not the best.

BTW (also IMO) I'm a big fan of the Irwin Marples blue handled chisels. They will serve has firmer chisels and will surprise you.  Once you get the backs flat, of course ;-).  I started out doing all my joinery with them and they have served me well for many years. 

I bought a Narex set as an ugrade to the Irwins.  Knowing what I know now, I would bite the bullet and buy Lie Nielsen.
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